lothian_lottoLothian Lotto

The Lothian Lotto is Livingston Football Club’s very own weekly lottery, with cash prizes of up to £5,000 available to win in our accumulator draw.

Latest draw results:

17 October 2019

Four numbers 6  15  27  31
There were NO winners of this week’s jackpot, which STAYS at £5000.

Three numbers 3  1  24
There was NO winner of this week’s draw’s £100 three ball prize, which rolls over to £200

Two numbers 1  21
There were TWO winners who matched 2 numbers, winning £10

One entry a week costs £1 – it is CHEAPER than the National Lottery and your chances of winning are significantly greater!

What’s more, all monies raised from participants in the Lothian Lotto go directly back into the youth development scheme Livingston Football Club, meaning even more stars of the future will be given the chance to learn from the best and go on to represent the first team. Proceeds also go towards helping Football Development across West Lothian.

To take part, you can either pick your own four number combination from numbers 1-32, or you can have your numbers randomly picked by our computer.

Match all four numbers in our weekly draw and you could win the jackpot accumulator of £5,000. Match three, and you could win up to £200. And if you match two, you’re guaranteed £10.

Local clubs – such as boys/girls football clubs, supporters clubs etc – can also benefit from the Lothian Lotto by saving commission for fundraising as an agent of the Lothian Lottery.

Interested in being in with the chance of winning big prizes whilst also helping your club? Give us a call on 01506 417000.

Alternatively, you can print out the entry form by downloading it from this website. Click here to get yours. (Keep link the same) 

Lothian Lotto Rules
1. The lottery is only open to persons aged 16 and over.
2.  All prizes are set, and there is no alternative.
3. The draw will take place every Thursday at the offices of the West Lothian Youth Foundation by a random number generator. The draw is witnessed each week and records kept of the results.
4. The winning numbers will be published on our website at www.livingstonfc.co.uk There is no need to claim all winners will be notified at the registered address held by us.
5. Members must keep us notified in any change of details.
6. Each entry costs £1 per draw and payment must be received by no later than close of business on Wednesday of each week before the draw.
7. All proceeds after the deduction of legal prizes and expenses shall go to Livingston FC Youth Development and Football Development across West Lothian.  Any rollover prize fund not allocated shall be deemed a donation to Livingston FC Youth Development.  West Lothian Youth Foundation will pay any Jackpot prize when it is won.
8 . Any application for entry to the lottery may be rejected for any reason by discretion of the promoter.
9 . Winners details in brief may be used to promote further lotteries.
10 . The promoter is not responsible for any delays in payments being received whatsoever.
11. Any lottery entry may be terminated at the discretion of the promoter.
12. The promoters decision is final in any matter regarding the lottery, and once made will be final.
13. The promoter has the right to change or update rules at their discretion.
14. We are not allowed to accept entries from addresses outside Great Britain.