Grassroots Initiative

Grassroots logoLivingston FC have been part of the West Lothian landscape since they made the move from Edinburgh in 1995 and over the past twenty plus years the club has competed in the Premier League, played in European competitions, won the League Cup and Petrofac Cup.

Livingston FC has always been a family friendly club fans are the cornerstone of any football club, with the younger generations providing the best opportunity to build a true fan base at Livingston FC. The Grassroots Initiative has been created to re-engage the club with the local community.

So what is the Grassroots Initiative?

This is a Community Sponsorship Scheme which invites companies and/or individuals to sponsor tickets to Livingston FC home matches for the schools and community groups in their local area. The aim is to provide the opportunity for children to experience a match day courtesy of their sponsor. The sponsor will benefit through recognition in the wider community and with customers who measure social responsibility initiatives.

There will be a special section of the stand set aside for the Grassroots Initiative ensuring that groups can sit beside each other and cheer on the team.

How do you get involved in the Grassroots Initiative?

If you would like your school, community group or football club to become part of the Grassroots Initiative you should make contact with West Lothian Youth Foundation on 01506 417 000 or email

On successful application the school, community group or local football club will then become a Grassroots Initiative Partner.

Each Grassroots Initiative Partner will be given a set number of season ticket books which will allow the children to attend a Livingston FC home match for free.

How each Grassroots Initiative Partner manages their season tickets books is entirely up to them however it is essential that the tickets are used at each home match.

Each ticket will gain one child (Under 16) entry to a home league fixture match. All sponsored child tickets must be accompanied by an adult however Livingston FC are more than happy to allow one adult to accompany up to ten free child ticket holders.

All children taking advantage of the Grassroots Initiative must be supervised by a responsible adult whilst attending a home league fixture however West Lothian Youth Foundation team members will be on hand to answer any questions and support those watching the match.

Additional benefits for Grassroots Initiative Partners

Not only do the Grassroots Initiative Partners gain sponsored child tickets but they will also be given the opportunity to take part in specially arranged match day activities.

This could include taking part in half time entertainment activities on the pitch, flag bearers or even
ball boys and ball girls. So what are you waiting for, sign up to become a Grassroots Initiative Partner and help support your local professional football club!


The following terms and conditions define the relationship between Livingston FC / West Lothian Youth Foundation and the Grassroots Initiative Partner group, including the individual ticket holder attending any league home match
for the 2016/2017 season.
Being part of the Grassroots Initiative and use of the Grassroots Initiative match tickets shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of the terms and conditions.
  1. The allocation of the Grassroots Initiative season book entitles the ticket holder to attend to each 1st team home league fixtures played at The Tony Macaroni Arena during the 2016/17 season. Entry to Cup matches, playoffs, testimonials & friendlies as well as other events held at the ground are not permitted via the use of the Grassroots Initiative season ticket.
  2. The Grassroots Initiative season book is only valid for children aged 16 and under. Livingston FC / West Lothian Youth Foundation have the right to question / gain proof of a Grassroots Initiative ticket holder’s age. If adequate proof of age cannot be provided, Livingston FC / West Lothian Youth Foundation can refuse entry to the match.
  3. Grassroots Initiative season book / ticket holders must be accompanied by a paying adult to all matches. Livingston FC require a minimum of one paying adult to accompany every ten Grassroots Initiative tickets.
  4. Transferring a Grassroots Initiative season ticket to a supporter of a visiting team is not permitted. Any Grassroots Partner who facilitates such an admission to The Tony Macaroni Arena is liable to have their Grassroots Initiative Partner association cancelled.
  5. Grassroots Initiative season ticket books are not to be sold privately or through any 3rd party website or seller.
  6. Livingston FC cannot guarantee that a match will take place at a particular date/time or venue. The club will make every effort to make supporters aware of any changes to 1st team fixtures.
  7. In the event of rescheduling, postponement or abandonment of a match Livingston FC or West Lothian Youth Foundation will have no liability in respect of season ticket holders who incur consequential loss or damage such as (but not limited to) loss of enjoyment or travel costs.
  8. Grassroots Initiative season ticket books remain the property of Livingston FC and must be available for inspection at any time. As such the club reserves the right to cancel or withdraw the Grassroots Initiative season ticket book if the Grassroots Partner does not comply with its ground regulations.
  9. Livingston FC or West Lothian Youth Foundation can remove Grassroots Initiative season ticket books from Grassroots Partners who do not utilise their tickets on a regular basis.
  10. Should a Grassroots Initiative season ticket book be lost whilst in the possession of the Grassroots Initiative Partner and need to be replaced, Livingston FC will charge £10.00 for a replacement. This is a nonrefundable charge.
  11. Livingston FC and West Lothian Youth Foundation do not accept responsibility for stolen cards. Should a card be stolen then it must be reported to the West Lothian Youth Foundation immediately. The Grassroots Initiative season ticket book may be replaced at the discretion of Livingston FC.
  12. It is the responsibility of the Grassroots Initiative ticket holder to arrive at the stadium on time. Late entry cannot be guaranteed for a fixture. This includes but is not limited to problems with transport.
  13. Grassroots Initiative season ticket holders must sit in their designated seat and area of the stadium.
  14. All medical conditions of those utilising the Grassroots Initiative ticket must be detailed to West Lothian Youth Foundation in advance of attendance (at least 48hrs).
  15. By becoming a Grassroots Initiative Partner you are agreeing to abide by the Terms and Conditions and are providing Livingston FC and West Lothian Youth Foundation permission for all attendees to be photographed or filmed for Livingston FC and West Lothian Youth Foundation promotional purposes, and understand that these images may be used on Livingston FC’s and WLYF social media pages.