eROAR a roaring success

Since introducing our electronic version of the ROAR matchday magazine it has proved to be a ROARING success, with Saturday’s Dundee Utd edition having over 2700 downloads to date.

So, let me thank everyone who took the opportunity to download a copy and share the link across all social media platforms. And a huge thanks also to the team behind the scenes who work tirelessly to ensure the end result is a quality production and fully integrated for all desktop and mobile devices.

We appreciate than some fans miss the paper version of the ROAR, not only as it’s something tangible to flick through, but also as something of a collectable item.  But times change, and Livingston FC is at the forefront of the ground-breaking route to paperless matchdays.

The Club has an obligation to maintain sensible economics as well as monitoring the depth of our carbon footprint.  By going paperless we are making a substantial saving in printing costs, as are the fans who now get the publication for free instead of shelling out £2.50.  We’re keen to make the whole matchday experience as inexpensive as possible for everyone, so this is a good start.

Our responsibility to the environment is equally important, and going paperless as much as possible is honouring that commitment.

Every issue of the eROAR can be downloaded and saved to any storage device, meaning your collections can continue, only in a different format.  Saturday’s is still available and can be downloaded for free by clicking HERE.

Robert Wilson
Chairman, Livingston FC

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