At Livingston Football Club, the wellbeing and the best interests of the children are held with the utmost importance.

We understand the concerns parents and guardians may have with regard to the potential dangers which children face on a day-to-day basis in modern society. Our Children’s Wellbeing Policy will ensure that every effort is made, in cooperation with parents and guardians, employees and competent designated safeguarding personnel, to ensure that children are protected to the best of our ability whilst in the care of the Club.

The Club will strive to get it right for every child, and ensure it follows the correct recruitment procedures when selecting the workforce put in place to work with children. The Club will also ensure that competent, trained personnel are available if a child does need help and support; that it is dealt with in the appropriate professional manner with the sensitivity and support being offered to the child. By implementing a streamlined approach to planning, assessment, open communication and decision-making procedures, will ensure children receive the right help at the right time.

Ultimately, it is about all stakeholders working together. We want to ensure that children across the spectrum at Livingston Football Club enjoy the activities at the Club and feel safe and supported in the environment that they are in. Football is a sport designed for escapism, making dreams reality and bringing joy to children. The policies, procedures and safeguards therefore begin this rights-based process of ensuring children and young people are safe when they play football.

This begins with understanding and promoting their rights, raising awareness of children’s wellbeing and recognising what needs to be done and the requirement to act on this when a child needs help or support. Ultimately this will contribute to better experiences for children playing football regardless of age, gender, ability, ethnicity, location or their ambition to play. The goal is to ensure the consistency of a positive experience for every child.

John Ward

Livingston FC Child Wellbeing & Protection Officer

Suzy Ferns

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Introduction & Policy Statement
Set the Standards
Procedures – Appointment & Selection, Responding to Concerns & Case Review
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Form – Concern Recording Form
SFA 2019-24 Child Protection Vision