Club statement: Managerial update

Livingston FC would like to give a short update regarding the current managerial situation.

We are progressing well after sifting through a mountain of applications.

Talks are ongoing with 3-4 prime candidates, and we will provide an update as and when we feel we have the best fit for the club installed.

As previously stated, the potential manager will fit into the Club’s existing structure. This will allow us to continue to recruit and prepare for pre-season, safe in the knowledge we won’t be jumping into a situation we may regret in months to come.

This method has served us well in previous seasons, albeit we have had a manager in place. But ultimately we are following the same tried and tested recruitment process.

David Martindale and the backroom staff have our full support and trust while we conduct our thorough search for the most suitable candidate.

Please bear in mind that reaching the playoffs has given us less time post-season, due to the 2 extra weeks playing and focusing on trying to get to the club back into Premiership.

But we must reiterate: we are going through a thorough process and this will take as long as required. We have absolutely no concerns that this will have any detrimental effect on our upcoming season.

We are in a fantastic situation for the 2018/19 campaign, and urge all fans – old and new – to to get down to the Stadium and purchase your Season Tickets and support the Club’s return to top flight football.

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