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Livingston Football Club can today announce that the SPFL have notified all Premiership clubs that we are now able to sell streams on a game by game basis (Pay-Per-View – “PPV”) for all league matches that are played behind closed doors or with restricted crowds. This is the most recent development in the area of live streaming games.

So, first and foremost, this means that our supporters will now have the opportunity to watch away games live too, so they never miss a minute of the action!

We understand that this will be new information and have therefore put together a question and answer section below for the details of PPV:

Will Pay-Per-View (“PPV”) be available for all games?

 Pay-Per-View will be available for ALL (home & away) games apart from those that are being broadcast live on Sky Sports. Games that are live on Sky Sports will only be available to season ticket holders (if we are at home) and there will be no PPV.

 Where can I buy the PPV Streams?

 PPV Streams will be sold through the HOME clubs’ website. However, away fans will still be able to choose to listen to their own clubs’ commentary to enhance the stream viewing.

For example, for our first game of the season (St Mirren away) – our supporters will head over to St Mirren’s TV website to purchase the stream in order to watch the game live, and in doing so, they will have an option to choose “away fan” to listen to Livingston commentary of the game.

Do I need to register to watch PPV?

 Yes. You will be prompted to register on the home club’s website before purchasing the stream. This will be a straightforward process and you will only be requested to register with essential information.  This is in order to protect from charge backs and fraud.

What devices will this work on?

  • Desktop computers & laptops: You can watch the live stream on an up to date desktop or laptop computer. You must make sure your browser is up to date and has JavaScript enabled too (most browsers update automatically). Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox are recommended although other browsers may work but are unsupported.
  • Apple iPads and iPhones: You must have iOS 11.3 or higher installed and you must use Safari to watch the Live Stream on Apple Devices.
  • Android Devices: The Live Stream also works on most modern and up to date Android Devices, including tablets, smartphones and most Smart TVs.

If you have any technological issues when connecting to the Live Stream, please contact [email protected]

Can I watch it on a TV Channel?

 No. The Live Stream will not be available through any satellite TV channels in the UK or Internationally.

Can I watch the Live Stream if my internet connection is slow?

 The quality of the Live Stream will be dependent on the bandwidth and speed of your internet connection. For the best possible experience, we recommend using an internet speed of at least 5Mbps.

What do I do if I am having problems with my Live Stream on matchday?

 Stream Digital have a dedicated customer support team who will be on hand on a matchday to resolve any issues you may be having. They can be contacted on [email protected]

How much is PPV?

 There will not be uniformed pricing for PPV across the Premiership clubs. Each club has the right to sell the PPV at a price they feel necessary – a bit like walk-up prices for a normal match day. We will ensure that the correct information is communicated out to fans in the build-up to any game.

How much is PPV for games at the Tony Macaroni Arena?

 Our PPV price will be: £20.00.

We, as a club, felt that we had to protect the value of our season tickets which are purchased year after year by our loyal supporters. The only way to ensure this, was to make the PPV more expensive per game, than what the season tickets work out at per game. We also had to take into account that families will now be buying one ‘single’ ticket rather than potentially 3 or 4. In addition to this, we had to consider the very real possibility that friends will group together to watch the stream, further reducing the revenue the club would had received if fans were in the stadium. We feel that this is a fair value as it is still cheaper than what would be paid for a walk-up ticket if fans were in the stadium.

Of course, with that said, there is still time to purchase a season ticket for 2020/21 campaign which will ensure the very best value for money. A season ticket gives you access to live streams of all home games played behind closed doors and then, if and when we return to playing in front of spectators, you’ll take your place back in the Tony Macaroni Arena. With circa 19 home games, a full price adult season ticket equates to just over £17 per game meaning a saving of at least £55 over the course of the campaign versus PPV, assuming behind closed doors or reduced capacity is in operation for the majority of the season.

Nonetheless, the cheapest and easiest way to watch all home games is to purchase a 2020/21 season ticket! All details for purchasing a 2020/21 Season Ticket can be found here:

We will continue to provide information on both PPV and Virtual Season Tickets as the week goes on in the build-up to the first game of the new season! We hope to see you all there, virtually of course!

For full “PPV” Terms & Conditions please click here:

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