Squad update

We would like to give our loyal fans an update in regards to the playing squad and how it’s shaping up for our return to the Ladbrokes Championship.

We are currently in talks with a few more targets and will update the fans as and when we have further news.

Signed up for next season:

  • Craig Halkett
  • Declan Gallagher
  • Alan Lithgow
  • Sean Crighton
  • Jackson Longridge
  • Scott Pittman
  • Shaun Byrne
  • Josh Mullin
  • Nicky Cadden
  • Rafa De Vita
  • Ross Brown (Pre-Contract)
  • Scott Robinson (Pre-Contract)
  • Matthew Knox
  • Dale Carrick
  • Danny Mullen

Offered terms:

  • Liam Buchanan
  • Michael Miller
  • Keaghan Jacobs
  • Mark Millar
  • Gary Maley

Full Time Youth Players:

  • Craig Reid
  • Kyle Sampson
  • Jack Ogilvie

Returning to their parent clubs:

  • Liam Kelly
  • Niko Todorov

We would like to thank both Liam and Niko for the part they played in winning League 1 this season.


  • Jordan Sinclair
  • Morgyn Neill

We would also like to express our thanks to both these lads, and wish them all the best for the future careers.

Manager David Hopkin said “I’m delighted with the way the squad is shaping up, and I feel continuity is going to play a massive part in our return to the Championship.

“The club has got the Season Books on sale along and an exciting pricing structure to entice younger fans to the games on a Saturday. This along with the new share issue for the fans can only help make my squad stronger for the forthcoming season.

“I have been assured that all monies raised through the Season Book sales and Share issue will go straight to the First Team budget. I’m hoping we can attract the fans back to the Tony Macaroni Arena, and continue to give them a team they can be proud of”

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